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Every airport in the world is vulnerable to bird strikes, and the disruption and danger caused by wildlife. Failure to acknowledge and take action on these risks could well result in litigation. However, legislation which seeks to minimise this risk varies from country to country, and each airport faces individual challenges in order to comply with recognised standards.

SafeSkys works to ensure that airport operators understand and adhere to all relevant regulations and laws concerned with bird control and wildlife management.  SafeSkys seeks to share its insights into bird and animal behaviour, ensuring that bird and wildlife control measures are as enlightened as they are appropriate, relevant and thorough.

Our services already fully comply with all class and general licences for England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales. We provide ICAO 13km survey inspections, risk assessment and standards checks, offering external, impartial and objective verification of the effectiveness of bird and wildlife control measures at airports across the world.

To manage and discourage bird and wildlife incursion, our independent experts develop advanced strategies, which are nonetheless easy to implement. They advise on measures to counteract and reduce risk and they provide training in the most effective and ecologically appropriate techniques in order to anticipate and contain breeding and behaviour patterns.

SafeSkys has a unique advantage. We are recognised as the world's leading airport bird control and wildlife management company, our experience and knowledge is unrivalled. Combined with the skills and input of leading habitat management and agricultural control experts, the result is a service of the very highest standard - at a cost that is considerably less than might be expected.

SafeSkys Ltd, Air Partner Plc, 2, City Place, Beehive Ring Road, Gatwick, West Sussex RH6 0PA

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